Our Struggle

My friend Blake wrote some extremely powerful words on life’s struggles. This is a must-read.

Blake Farrell

I’ve been thinking about trials/struggles lately. It seems to me like everywhere you look, everywhere you go someone is struggling. Whether it’s an “I’m just tired” or that there’s something a little more serious at work underneath the surface. Whatever it is I know that it’s not just me, or just that guy in the apartment building, or that lady on the street; it’s all of us, all of us have our burdens that we bear. I don’t fully understand why that is, but what I do know is that life in and of itself is a “struggle”, it is a fight, it is a constant uphill battle. Sometimes you get some really good days, you really do, and they are great. Those days of peace, joy and that ever elusive “happy” are a grace in and of itself that the Lord blesses us with, and thank goodness because those…

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