To Create:

My dear friend Gabe just wrote a brilliant piece about what it means to be different and the fact that we were made to create.

Stories / Journeys / Experiences

I’ve been given an odd hand in life. I’m extremely introverted, I’m a dreamer, I have a lot of weird things I’m really good at, and a lot of conventional skills I’m exceptionally poor at. I feel and process differently, most people don’t understand me, I have a strange sense of humor, I can never seem to talk loud enough, I think too much and don’t speak enough. I could list a litany of idiosyncrasies and oddities that make up who I am. It’s caused me to think, and really process through my place, if i could ever find one, and what this means for my life direction, and what in the world i’m supposed to do with all of this.

I am different.

I know that, and it’s granted me a lot of unsavory titles and labels from people who see normality as a benchmark rather than a median.

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