We Must Not Be Silent: Why the Only Gospel is a Social One

Since George Floyd died I’ve been trying to find the words to speak, but they just don’t seem to be surfacing. I’ve been up late at night, sometimes just crying and pleading with God… my heart hurts and the words just won’t come. But I realized this is nothing new… so here are some words I wrote 4 years ago after the murders of Philando Castile & Alton Sterling.

WHITE CHRISTIANS: this is aimed directly at you. Let it poke you, hurt you, make you feel uncomfortable, and hopefully, inspire some change in you. I’m including myself in that target audience. THE TIME IS NOW.



A few days ago, in the midst of this past week’s series of tragedies that included the horrific deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and five members of the Dallas Police Department, Christian leader John MacArthur appeared in a video titled “Racism and the Black Lives Matter Movement.” The video was posted by The Master’s Seminary, where MacArthur is the president. The video addressed the topic in a fairly roundabout manner, closing with MacArthur stating that “when the Gospel changes your life, you go from social issues to spiritual issues.”

Let me begin by saying that the aforementioned statement is a downright theological disaster. The Gospel — the pure, unadulterated Gospel — does not set us free from taking part in social action. Instead, the Gospel demands our presence when social problems arise. If we care in the slightest about the temporary and eternal well-being of our fellow humans, we MUST respond to…

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