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  1. I read your article about Starbucks. You are way too wordy for me. You need to get your message across without boring people to death. Just hope I can help you to see that not all people want to hear the LONG version.

  2. I hope that comment was a joke. I think 50K people already shared it. Sometimes it takes more than 160 characters and a hashtag to get the point across.

  3. I read the long version and found it worthwhile & informative. Thanks for helping me understand what all the fuss was about Nate.

  4. Amazing! Thank you for putting things in perspective. For me, I heard God for the first time in years through your words. I read the reply above, and the reality that not every one will see or hear the message, broke my heart. Thank you for being some one that God obviously can use as a venue and work through to deliver such an amazing message. I can not begin to tell you or explain what I walked away with from your message. Obviously God will continue to bless you. Thank you again.

  5. I thought your Starbucks piece was brilliant! What a relief too I might add. I thought for a moment you were going to hop on the ‘honk if you love Jesus and run over anyone else who doesn’t honk’ bandwagon. I echo the sentiment of sharing heart is what brings wholeness. However I may challenge one step further for even those of us who walk comfortably in evangelistic steps; often people are quick to try to tell everyone about the gospel and drag them to church as though we’ll get a spiritual star, but what if that wasn’t our go to but rather our follow through. If we actually walked in step with Jesus, people would come to us in search of what makes us behave in such ways. Remember people followed Christ my the thousands and it was because they wanted what He had. We have what He had, the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts. I best stop before I tangent to much. By no means am I shooting down the church invite or Jesus share but hope to add the same nudge to you as you write to nudge others. Well written. Mostly I am just encouraged to read from another than shares the same Spirit.


  6. I stumbled upon your “Woke Christians” piece today and teared up after reading it. In today’s society and our current climate, it seems to be getting harder and harder to find Christians who are willing to open their minds, and subsequently, their hearts, to those who have been oppressed based on race, social status, etc. Thank you so much for your writing. It’s a beacon of hope and light that shines through the darkness of the world!

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